An analytical report of the development of the cross-border cooperation


The development of the cross-border cooperation can be seen not only as a vector of the movement of Ukraine towards European integration, but also as an opportunity for economic, social and cultural growth of cross-border areas and regions.

The role of the cross-border cooperation is extremely important, because the cross-border cooperation acts not only as a tool for the development of border areas, but also promotes the strengthening of contacts between people and an interpenetration of values of civil society across European borders.

The current policy of the cross-border cooperation in Lviv region is not effective enough, it doesn’t create conditions for realization of an economic and socio-cultural potential of the region. It has become the subject of the research and of the development of recommendations for its improvement.


The analytical report is the result of the research project “An analysis of a policy of the cross-border cooperation in Lviv region”, that was implemented by a public organization “European dialogue” during 2014 year due to financial support of the International Fund “Renaissance”.

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