Independent analytical centers of Lviv region: readiness to the formation of regional policies


On the 7th of December 2015 an annual international conference “The role of analytical centers in the key reforms of Ukraine”, organized by International Fund “Renaissance” jointly with the Fund of the development of analytical centers (TTF) and the Embassy of Sweden in Ukraine (SIDA) , was hosted in Kyiv.

A head of an analytical group of the Public organization “European dialogue” Alexander Sofiy during this conference presented the analytical report on “Independent analytical centers of Lviv region: readiness to the formation of regional policies”, which was aimed to assess an analytical ability of non-governmental organizations of Lviv region and their interaction with local authorities during the formation and implementation of regional policies.

The first step in the study of this topic was to identify a list of organizations, first of all nongovernmental, which are positioning themselves as analytical centers. The activity of analytical centers of political parties and business structures in this study was not taken into account. The next step was to study the activity of these organizations, results of which can be classified as analytical.

The final stage was a survey of representatives of the authorities, that were aimed to find out the experience of cooperation between executive authorities, in particular the Lviv regional state administration with non-governmental organizations and their awareness of local organizations of analytical direction.


The results and conclusions can be read here:

Завантажити (PDF, Невідомий)