Monitoring of the implementation of e-government tools in local government bodies


Monitoring of the effectiveness of the implementation tools of e-governance in local governments of cities of Ukraine were conducted by a coalition of non-governmental organizations: NGO “Podolian agency for regional development”,  Association of Ukrainian Cities, Association “E-Governance cities of Ukraine”, NGO “European Dialogue” and NGO “Civil network OPORA”.

This is the third joint monitoring of the effectiveness of the implementation of information and communication technologies in local government of major cities of Ukraine. This year, again, the subject of analysis was the official websites of the city councils, the system of electronic document management and organization of Centres for Administrative Service Provision.

The feature of this year’s research is that we have included 125 largest cities, not 100 as previous times.
This year, evaluation of Centres for Administrative Service Provision activity was carried out not by engaging observers and “secret customers” by NGOs, but by sending information requests.

The goal of the research is to determine the extent of usage  of e-government elements in local governments. Such usage ensure rapid and unimpeded informing of the public, promote transparency in local politics, help to combat corruption, enchance the quality of administrative services, increase civic engagement and citizen involvement in social and political processes.

Based on the results of the research detailed recommendations will be made. They will concern raising the level of preparedness of local governments in Ukrainian cities to provide administrative services in electronic format, increase citizen participation in government processes.

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