Analysis of resources of an international technical assistance suitable for Ukrainian beneficiaries


International financial and technical cooperation with countries and international organizations is a source and an instrument of economic development of Ukraine. According to the obligations of the partner state defined in the Paris Declaration towards an increase of the effectiveness of an external assistance from the 2nd of March, 2005, which Ukraine joined on the 19th of April, 2007, work with donors of international technical assistance (ITA) is conducting. For Ukraine ITA is a reliable and stable source of long-term financing of priority projects of development, implementation of structural reforms, creation of opportunities of access to the best international practice, standards and professional expertise projects.

Basic organizational and legal principles of ITA are currently regulated by the 21th international treaty framework of Ukraine and by international agreements towards the implementation of cooperation programs in various fields. Goals and objectives of assistance are coordinated both at inter-governmental and inter-institutional levels.

Which programs has operated in Ukraine before, and which are available now can be read in the study of NGO “European Dialogue”.

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