Formation of capable local communities


On 1 April 2014, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved the Concept of reforming the local self-government and territorial organization of power in Ukraine, which determines the directions, timing and mechanisms of creation an effective local self-government and territorial organization of power. According to the approved document, the reform is based on the creation of capable basic local self-government units and transferring to them the maximum amount of powers and financial resources.

The first stage of forming the capable basic unit of local self-government is the process of a voluntary unification of territorial communities, which has begun in Ukraine after the adoption of appropriate legislation. In the process of voluntary unification it is very important to determine the capabilities of potentially unified communities in terms of the availability of adequate infrastructure, personnel and sufficient financial resources necessary to exercise the extended powers.

The document provides an example of evaluation of capabilities of potentially unified community in the stage of planning the configuration of such unification. Pilot community in this study is a potentially unified Tartakivska community of Sokal district of Lviv region. An interesting fact is that the area of ​​potential community coincides with the territory of Tartakivski educational district.

The research was presented on 30 April 2015 in Sokal at a seminar for heads of local self-governments of Sokal region.

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