Regional competition of community initiatives: the need for change


The new programme “Regional competition of local development micro-projects for 2016-2020” which launched in Lviv region in 2016, was a logical continuation of a similar programme for years 2011-2015. Shortcomings and flaws of the previous programme were taken into account in development of the new programme.

However, due to a sharp increase in the scale of the new programme (budget, number of participants) additional shortcomings were identified, particularly in terms of application procedures, application evaluation and selection of micro-projects.

The analysis of these issues in this study allowed us to formulate the appropriate conclusions and recommendations for the Lviv Regional Council on the need for changes to the current version of the Programme, namely:


  1. Make changes to the Programme based on the specific proposals contained in the comparative table.
  2. Initiate a broad public discussion on the proposed changes, including – through the official web sites of the regional and district councils, regional and district state administrations, local self-government and NGOs.
  3. Submit the new edition of Programme for approval of Lviv Regional Council profile committee, and subsequently – put to the vote at the next session of Lviv Regional Council.

Read more on the need to improve Programme “Regional competition of local development micro-projects for 2016-2020» in the analytical note by Olexander Sofiy, Ivan Sobko and Olena Gvozdyk:

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