Development planning for unified territorial community


Planning the development of a community is a systematic way of managing change, achieving consensus and creating a common vision of the economic future and a process of identifying problems and agreeing on realistic goals, tasks and projects that will help solve these problems. Planning is also an effective tool for connecting business, local authorities and active civil society in order to influence the investment climate and competitive environment in the community, as well as the solution of other problems.

Development plan is the most important document in the process of creating community’s own vision of social and economic development, by using the internal and external resources. These resources should be used systematically and be directed to the appropriate priorities (development directions) and goals.

Lviv region is one of the leaders in the implementation of local self-government reform. In 2015, 15 communities of the region have completed the process of voluntary unification, and held their first elections. These communities began the year 2016 with extended powers and income base. Approximately 46 million UAH grant was allocated from the state budget for development of the infrastructure of these communities. Grant funds were distributed between the communities in a clear scheme, depending on the number of rural population and size of the area of unified territorial community. Community projects will be financed through the state grants in accordance with the plan of socio-economic development of unified territorial community.

This document contains materials that will help unified territorial community to create quality plans of socio-economic development. This document was presented on 11 April 2016 in Sambor at a seminar for heads of unified territorial communities of Samborski and Starosamborski districts of Lviv region.