Cross-border Ukrainian-Polish Youth Volunteer Programe “Military Forts – Tracks of Memory”


Project title: Cross-border Ukrainian-Polish Youth Volunteer Program “Military Forts – Tracks of Memory”

Venue:   Camp in Ukraine – Mostyska – Popovychi,

Camp in Poland – Przemyśl

Duration of the Programme: 10 days

Dates:    Camp in Ukraine – 04-14 July 2014,

Camp in Poland – 18-28 August 2014.

Brief Summary of the Project:

The streak of unique military forts built in the late XIX century are situated in Eastern Poland and Western Ukraine (from Przemyśl to Popovychi). These forts were a key part of Przemyśl fortress defence line in times of World War I. Forts in their historic and symbolic meaning have great perspective to become a tourist attraction of European significance, reflecting the idea of ​​understanding, tolerance and respect. Particularly noteworthy are military cemeteries from World War I which are located on the territory of the forts. Here are buried Austrian, German, Ukrainian and Russian soldiers, who fought against each other in fratricidal war.

Volunteers work can really help both the preservation and restoration of the forts and beautification of military cemeteries.

During the project volunteers will work on the following sites:

  • Forts on Ukrainian side: №5, 8 and 11 near Popovychi
  • Forts on Polish side: Fort II – Jaksmanice, Fort IV – Optyń (near Pikulice), Fort VIII – Łętownia (near Kuńkowce), Fort XI – Duńkowiczki (near Duńkowiczki), Fort XIII – San Rideau (near Przemyśl), Fort XV – Borek (near Przemyśl)
  • Military cemeteries in Poland: Austrian and German graveyards near Bircza and Ukrainian and Russian graveyards in Przemyśl.

Project goal:

Increase military forts and cemeteries of the First World War attractiveness for international tourists, strengthen cultural and historical links between the inhabitants of the border regions of Poland and Ukraine through the implementation of cross-border Polish-Ukrainian youth volunteer program.

Project objectives:

  • cleaning-up the territory around forts on Polish side (near Przemyśl) and Ukrainian side(near Popovychi);
  • cleaning-up the graves and chapels on the territory of military forts: Austrian graveyard in Bircza (Poland), German graveyard in Bircza (Poland), Russian graveyard in Przemyśl (Poland), Ukrainian graveyard in Przemyśl (Poland);
  • arrange the museum on the territory of forts in the Popovychi (Ukraine) and create a multilingual exhibition;
  • create promotional products about forts and military cemeteries (photo presentation, brochure) in English, Polish, Ukrainian and German;
  • spread the idea of ​​volunteering among young people of the border region of Poland and Ukraine;
  • implement a set of actions to overcome political, cultural and national stereotypes.

Criteria for the selection of volunteers:

We will invite 8 volunteers from each country (Poland, Ukraine), total of 16 people, aged 18-25 per each camp. Interest in the history and culture of Central Europe and Ukraine is desirable. Volunteers must have average command of English or Polish and Ukrainian.

Volunteers must have a valid passport and visa (Schengen or Polish).

Educational program in the camps:

– Excursion to Lviv and Przemyśl (participation in the celebration of the Day of the city).
– Tour to the Krasiczyn Castle (Poland) and castles in Lviv Region.
– Best films, good music, meeting with community and cultural leaders.
– Joint party.

Volunteers will live in good conditions (comfort bedrooms for 2-3 persons) at the hotel with three meals per day. The cost of accommodation, meals and participants arrival are covered by the project budget.

Work at the sites will take place in the morning. Free time, work on micro-projects, meetings with interesting people would be held at the camp after lunch.

Conditions for applying:

Short CV and cover letter would simplify the selection procedure for us.

Be sure to indicate in which of two camps you would like to take part!

Contact person: Oleh Yaskiv

Phone: +38 067 255 23 01


Deadline for applications: 30 June 2014